ManicureYour hands tell a story about you

You spend time looking after your face, but what about your hands?  Your hands tell a story about you – but what story are they telling?

Don’t neglect your hands and book a manicure with me.  Not only will you have lovely soft hands and beautiful nails but you will find the whole experience relaxing.

What manicures are available?

There are three manicures available to suit your time and budget.

Mini Manicure – 30 minutes – file, cuticle condition, massage and paint

Standard Manicure – 45 minutes – file, cuticle work, massage and paint

Deluxe Manicure – 1 hour – file, cuticle work, massage, paint and exfoliation/mask

Gelish Gel Polish

Want beautiful nail colour that lasts?  The secret to long lasting nail colour is Gelish Gel Polish.  It’s different to nail varnish, in that it forms a strong layer that won’t chip and protects your nails.  It dries instantly and lasts for 2 weeks.

Available in an huge range of colours and styles, there’s one to suit every mood and occasion.

Gelish Polish allows your nails to grow and protects them as they do.  It is safe and a great alternative to acrylics and nail varnish.

Book now and look after your hands!

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