eyelash extensionsI had my eyelash extensions done… Never had them done before and felt totally comfortable with Teresa doing them.
Would 100% recommend anyone having extensions to come to Teresa. Excellent 5*
– Nicola Collier

What are EyeLash Extensions?

Eyelash extensions are semi-permanent synthetic extensions which are glued on one by one to the natural lash, not the skin.  It uses a specially formulated glue that will last approximately 2 – 4 weeks.  They should not be confused with strip lashes or individual cluster lashes sometimes known as ‘party lashes’.

Find a Trained Lash Profession

You are trusting someone to use glue near your eyes.  Eyelashes also perform a role, they keep dust out of your eyes, protecting them so it is important that this process is only carried out by someone who is trained.  To be absolutely sure,  ask to see their certificate and insurance policy before having any treatment.

Teresa is fully insured and trained in eyelash extensions.  Her certificate and insurance documents are available on request.

How are eyelash extensions applied?

Your technician will isolate a single natural lash and a small amount of glue is applied to the synthetic lash and then to your lash, approximately 1mm away from your skin.

Your technician will apply eye pads over your lower lashes to prevent them sticking to your upper lashes.  This can be uncomfortable at first .  Your lashes are cleaned to remove protein and a primer is applied before any extensions.

How long does application take?

The procedure takes between 11/2 and 21/2 hours depending on the amount of natural lashes you have and the look you want to achieve.

The procedure takes patience and high concentration and should not be rushed!  Anyone claiming they can provide you with a full set of lashes in under this time is probably missing lashes out to get done quicker.

This is a very relaxing treatment – quite often clients drift off to sleep!

What are the risks of eyelash extensions?

Common complaints are a reaction to the glue.  You will need a patch test prior to the treatment.

Other problems can be eye infections from unsanitary tools, infected hair follicles due to two lashes being glued together.  This is why you should choose your technician wisely!

Do eye lash extensions cause your lashes to fall out?

Not unless you pull or pick at your extensions.  If you pull the extension out you will probably pull your lash out too.  It can take 6 – 8 weeks for it to grow back.

How long do eye lash extensions last?

Your lashes will naturally fall out within 25 -28 days and with them will be the eye lash extension.

How do I care for the extensions?

Use oil free make-up around the eyes and oil free make-up remover.  There is no need for mascara when you have lash extensions and we advise not to.  If you choose to use mascara, then use oil free (non-waterproof) mascara specifically for eyelash extensions.

Avoid using a steam room and sauna for 24 hours after applications and avoid getting them wet for 12 hours.

Do not pick or rub your lashes or rub your eyes with a towel/flannel.  Instead blot to avoid loosening the bond.  Do not perm or curl lashes.

What about temporary eyelash extensions?

If you only want temporary eyelash extensions, then eye lash strips are your thing!  These stick to your eyelids and are easily removed.  You can buy these direct from my shop and if you need help applying, then just ask!

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